Terrazzo MacBook Skin
  • PressureTac™ Pressure Sensitive Adhesive makes for simple installation

  • Protective over laminate for durability, added scratch protection and a no-glare finish

  • Crafted In Colorado

  • Made with the highest quality brand materials for the best looking skins

  • Easy bubble-free air release channels to ensure a smooth finish 

  • Free Shipping On Orders Over $35

  • MacBook Skins Information
  • FAQ

Premium MacBook Skins

Ink Monstr® premium MacBook Skins are made with the highest quality vinyl and laminate from 3M, Avery Dennison & more, ensuring the best looking, most durable and longest lasting skins on the market. Unlike most skin companies Ink Monstr is a true, pure form large format vinyl print shop, because we don't just a manufacture device skins like some of our competitors, we offer the best quality skins at an unbeatable price. We go the extra mile and laminate our MacBook skins which provides an extra protective layer on top of the print itself without reducing optical quality. This added layer of protection is weather, UV and scratch resistant.

Our skins go from concept to design, print, lamination and shipping all from Ink Monstr HQ in beautiful Downtown Denver Colorado.

All of our skins are inspected at each stage of production for quality and proper fit to ensure you know you're getting the best skin for your MacBook every. single. time.

Our MacBook Skins can be custom ordered for personal and company branding using you own art or logo (minimum order of 15). Please contact us directly at sales@inkmonstr.com for inquires for bulk pricing.

Protect your MacBook with a one-of-a-kind MacBook skin crafted in Colorado.

How can I tell what MacBook Model I own?

For a step by step guide on how to identify which MacBook model you own please click here

How do you apply a MacBook Skin?

Ink Monstr® MacBook Skins are made using the highest quality materials with our PressureTac™ pressure sensitive adhesive. This allows for slideability of your MacBook skins so you can peel the entire backing paper off, align your MacBook Skin, then apply from the top down in horizontal strokes. Alternatively, you can tear the top third of the backing paper off, align the top edge of the skin to your MacBook, then apply from the top in a horizontal stroke. Once the top is applied you can peel the backing paper down, apply and repeat that until the skin has been completely applied and removed from the backing paper.

Are the skins individual stickers or whole coverage?

Ink Monstr® MacBook Skins are single piece skins that are designed to cover the entire coverage preference chosen. 

Can I mix and match designs?

Yes of course! Our MacBook Skins come with matching tops & bottoms however mix and match as you see fit!

Will these protect my MacBook?

Yes and no. It depends on what you're hoping the skin will protect from! Our skins are made using the highest quality vinyl available and latex ink. The latex ink alone is durable and scratch resistant however for maximum customer satisfaction and the best skins on the market we put a protective matte finish laminate on all of our skins before shipping! This laminate will ensure your skin has a no glare finish, has added scratch protection and stands the test of time. Our skins can protect against surface blemishes and scratches but ultimately are for design and personalization, not protection.

Are the skins removable? 

Yes! All of our MacBook Skins are removable so if you want to shake things up with a new design or just want to go back to the classic space gray or silver finish you can always do that! For easier removal have a hair dryer handy and put some gentle heat on the vinyl to help loosen it and remove the skin. If you do removal the skin, the laminate may separate from the vinyl during the process, don't worry if that happens! It is completely normal and since that protective layer sits on top of the actual print it can happen during removal.

Will these leave a sticky residue? 

No. We use this same vinyl to put on vehicles, boats, buildings, walls, refrigerators, helicopters - you name it! These are the highest quality cast vinyl materials available. You don't need to know the difference between cast or calendared vinyls, all you need to know is these are the best quality vinyls and will not leave a sticky situation behind. If there is any residue left over at all, which is exceptionally rare, all you need is a little rubbing alcohol and that will take it right off. Easy as pie.

Can I order custom skins for my company or personal branding?

Yes! For custom orders please contact us at sales@inkmonstr.com for a custom quote. All custom skin orders have a minimum order quantity of 15 skins and have associated design and proofing costs. 

I don't see my device on your list of models, what do I do?

If you don't see your device model on our available skins it means we don't have a template for that specific model yet. Feel free to email us at sales@inkmonstr.com to request a specific model - we will add new models based on volume of requests so if you love one of our designs but don't see your model listed shoot us an email and we'll add your vote to the list.

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