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Self Adhesive Vinyl (Permanent)Self Adhesive Fabric (Removable)
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Wall Murals 

Give your space the aesthetic it deserves with our easy DIY Murals! At Ink Monster we use high quality self adhesive materials that can stick to virtually any surface. Our murals are quick and easy to install and completely mess free, with no need to wait for glue or paint to dry.

Embrace nature with a darkened stained wood finish.

Select our permanent vinyl option for a long lasting mural - styling your space for years to come. Or select our adhesive fabric for a removable mural - great for renters, children's rooms, and more!

Choose from our wide selection of mural designs or upload your own photo or artwork to create a personalized custom mural! 

Murals are best viewed from three feet away or farther. Images may appear soft or somewhat blurry close up. Finished product color may slightly vary from picture above.

Do-It-Yourself Mural Install

Installing your Ink Monstr mural is easy! All you need is a clean flat surface, your Ink Monster provided mural squeegee,  rubbing alcohol, a microfiber/lint free cloth, and another person to give you a hand. If you have vinyl or cloth gloves they are helpful for handling the mural and a level can make getting your mural straight a lot easier, but nether is required. 

#1 - Clean Install Surface

Using the microfiber/lint free cloth and isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) clean off all dust, oil, and dirt from your install surface. 

Apply the rubbing alcohol directly to the cloth rather than to your surface - this help you control how damp the surface gets and to avoid over saturating it.

#2 - Position Mural

With the backing still on, hold your mural up to your install surface to make sure it fits correctly. We recommend using a level here if you are trying to install your mural in a straight line. 

With large murals that have more than one panel, start with the far left one and work your way to the right. Murals with more than one panel will have each one clearly labeled starting with the #1 on the far left panel. 

You may want to temporarily tape the mural to the surface using masking or painters tape - this will help give you a better idea of how it will look when installed and how any panels might overlap with each other. 

Once you are happy with the placement, remove everything from the install surface (any mural sections you taped up, hanging art, nails, tacts, etc.) and get ready to start sticking! 

#3 - Install From Left To Right

If you have a mural with more than one panel, start with the far left one. Peel away about six inches of the paper backing from along the top edge of your mural and use a pair of scissors to cut off the backing.  This swill leave you with an exposed section of the self adhesive mural back. 

Place the mural against the surface and carefully position it - this is where that other person really comes in handy. Once you are happy with placement use can start using your Ink Monstr squeegee to firmly stick your mural to the wall. 

Starting from the line where you cut away the paper backing, place your squeegee in the center of the mural panel. Working from the center outwards slide your squeegee at an angle along the mural surface, affixing it to the wall. Slide your squeegee first to the far left edge, lift if from the surface and return to the middle, then slide it out to the far right edge.  Repeat until the full section of exposed self adhesive back is firmly stuck to the install surface. 

Once the mural's top edge is securely attached to the wall/install surface, pull down on the paper backing to expose about two more feet of the self adhesive back. You can cut the backing off again or just fold it down out of your way - whatever works best for you. Working on one section at a time continue pushing outward from the center of the mural in firm, smooth motions until you reach the bottom edge. 

When using your squeegee,  always work from the center outwards. This helps to prevent air pockets and  keep your mural centered. Be sure to angle your squeegee towards the direction you are sliding it to maximize the squeegee to mural surface area. 

#4 - Overlap Panels (If Needed)

If your mural has more then one panel they will need to be overlapped. 

Where two sections come together there is a one inch area of overlap on each panel, where the image is the same on both. This is to make it easier to line up the image and makes your artwork appear continuous. 

Make sure to carefully position your panels before you begin pulling away the backing, that way you'll be more confident when you start to stick it!

#5 - Trim Excesses Material (If Needed)

If there is any extra material along the mural's edges (such as along the bottom) or covering up things like light switches or outlets, trim it away with a sharp blade. 

To ensure a smooth, clean cut use a very sharp blade such as an Exacto knife, new box cutter, or other razor blade like cutting device. 

#6 - Enjoy!

Step back and appreciate your work for years to come! 

Caring for your mural is easier than a painted wall - just dust it occasionally and spot clean with a lint free cloth. 

Sill unsure? We have installers all over the country - request a quote for professional install.

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We are currently offering free professional installation in the Denver Metro Area! When checking out, select Ship under Delivery method, then select Local deliver - Free Wall Mural Install *Medium & Large Size Murals Only* under Shipping method. If this option does not appear your address is outside our free install area.  Travel Fees May Apply

Material Options

Self Adhesive Vinyl (Permanent)

• Smooth Matte Finish

• Sticks to Most Interior Surfaces

• Fast and Easy DIY Install

• Permanent Application - Long Lasting Life

• Low Maintenance - Dust with lint free cloth  or clean with isopropyl alcohol

Self Adhesive Fabric (Removable)

• Woven Matte Finish

• Sticks to Most Interior Surfaces

• Fast and Easy DIY Install

•  Temporary Application - Removable After Install

• Low Maintenance - Dust with lint free cloth


We are currently offering free domestic UPS Ground Shipping on all of our Wall Murals! We also offer expedited shipping options for faster delivery as well as international shipping options. 

Your order will ship within 3-5 business days. When it does, you will  receive an email confirmation with a tracking number. For domestic order UPS will have your order delivered within an additional 1-6 business days depending on your location. Please allow up to three weeks for international delivery.

We are currently offering free professional installation in the Denver Metro Area! When checking out select Ship under Delivery method, then select Local deliver - Free Wall Mural Install under Shipping method. If this option does not appear your address is outside our free install area.  

Product Sizing 

Extra Small: 4' 5" Wide by 4' 11" Tall (53" x 59", 135 cm x 150cm)

 Small: 4' 10" Wide by 8' Tall (58" x 96", 148 cm x 244 cm)

Medium: 9' 10" Wide by 8' Tall (116" x 96",  295 cm x 244 cm)

 Large: 12' Wide by 8' Tall (144" x 96",  366 cm x 244 cm)

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